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We rely on modern Galileo satellite technology, which allows for a drastically increased performance in exact localization compared to classic GPS and thus opens up new possibilities.

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Get detailed insights

Always know where you can be more successful.
Find well-frequented places and zones and analyse how many people were interested in a model at what time. Get reliable information in real time so you can offer your customers better service.

Welcome your customers already virtually

Support your employees with a virtual salesperson and receive your customers on your favourite device: their smartphone.
Navigate them to the offers they found online before
and recommend further products or answer the most important questions.
Your employees can be called to the customer in a targeted manner so that the focus can remain on the car.

virtual Salesperson
Customer Advantages

Meet your clients proactively

Greet your customers personally at the front door and know their needs and possibilities in advance. Offer customized packages, extras and solutions and increase sales with just one click.

The switch to dynamic offers

Cars are like stocks and you get the opportunity to react in real time to supply and demand because you know your customer. This allows for flexible pricing and the right offer for your customers, through digital price labels (ESL) which can be offered additionally.

Electronic shelf label
Customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty through higher quality service

Surprise your customers with services that they do not expect. For example a virtual tracker, which informs the customer in real time about the different status of his car, such as: "In repair", "In inspection", "In the car wash" or "Ready for collection".

Prevent unauthorized access

Detect in real time if a vehicle is moved without permission and inform your employees or security staff in a controlled manner to prevent theft and secure your assets.

Theft prevention


Localization, tracking and tracing of cars and people.

Enables the exact localization of a car indoors and outdoors via smartphone to get customers to their destination faster. Allows tracking of cars that are outside their assigned areas to avert possible damage.

Optimized processes that reduce costs and increase service quality

Sales staff can be requested in a targeted manner to avoid unnecessary travel and free up capacity. Cross-selling possibilities with the smartphone to better present the extended product portfolio. Status insight during service processes to know at any time when a car is available again.

Analysis of places and areas for an optimized shopping experience.

Find out in which prominent areas you can increase your sales through improved product presentation. Find cars with special customer interest and direct your employees more specifically to sales opportunities.


Receive real-time information about your cars and customers right from the start.

In- & outdoors

Seamless coverage of outdoor parking areas as well as garages and workshops


One-time full installation,
without changes to the IT infrastructure


Hardly noticeable visually and almost invisible due to the technology used

Low cost

Covers large areas
with minimal investment costs from

Complies with GDPR

The product is fully compliant with EU data protection standards, which guarantees the highest level of security

The digital transformation of the car dealership

The industry, which has long been under discussion because of its high costs, inadequate service and unpleasant sales process, is facing great challenges and is undergoing major changes.

New competitors challenge sales

The manufacturers of new cars from the USA (e.g. Tesla) and China (e.g. Byton) not only compete with the established car manufacturers, but also rely on direct sales instead of the car dealers' showrooms.

Simple strategies for service with added value

By using IoP (Internet of People) and Galileo's accurate positioning, you can access a pool of precise data to offer your customers tailor-made solutions and a high-quality service.

ESA - European Space Agency

Car-lileo is supported and cofunded by European Space Agency (ESA)

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